How to Create Your Own Project Management Tool

In a previous post, I talked about five critical mistakes you make but can avoid when planning a project. They are: Did Not Account for Server Setup and Deployment Strategy Did Not Foresee All Edge Cases Did Not Account for TDD/BDD Getting Stuck on a Bug A Feature Spawns Many Sub-Features Let’s Try to Avoid […]

The One Thing I Did to Increase Revenue for DevBase by 150%

Love Money

Warning: This is not a typical success story with big revenue numbers that you will say: That’s really nice! It is rather a personal lesson that I learned and plan to use to nudge myself to make bigger progress starting today. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you probably already know that I have a […]

Critical Mistakes You Can Avoid in Project Planning

I talked about how starting a new project the right way is important. Let’s now look at how a project can start with the wrong foot. Understanding them sets realistic expectations early on in terms of scope and time. It also helps to keep a project successful during its course. Did Not Account for Server […]

How to Inspect Your SQLite Database on an iOS Device

I have seen this question asked over and over on various social platforms and forums. The following video explains step-by-step how to view your SQLite database on your test iOS device. The steps work for using Core Data or SQL directly. Disclosure: There is a little plug for DevBase – an app I’ve written to […]

iAd Workbench Campaign Performance Analysis

Spend and Impressions

In a previous post, I talked about how to set up Apple’s new iAd Workbench, which can be the tool that indie developers and designers are looking for to get more exposure to their apps. In this post, I am going to talk about my own initial marketing efforts and show you my actual sales […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using iAd Workbench to Promote Your iOS Apps

iAd Workbench Email to Device

Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote provides iOS and Mac developers a sneak preview of the next versions of iOS and OS X. While everyone is focused on the latest technologies for these operating systems, I believe the biggest feature of today is not announced in the keynote. The reason why so many of us develop apps […]