The Nudging List

Are you looking to make steady consistent progress towards your goals, whether it is to start a business, create your first iOS app, or just learn a new skill such as Ruby on Rails? One day, you are so pumped that you churn out a lot of work. You feel extremely productive and satisfied with your progress. However, the next day, or week, you cannot get much done because of your other obligations. So you procrastinate until you can reserve a large enough chunk of uninterrupted time because you believe you need to be focused and laser-sharp to get any meaningful amount of work done. But the problem is – you are never able to find this uninterrupted time. So your todo list grows and grows. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Ready to do something about it?

What is it? I am starting The Nudging List.

How does it work? Over the next 4 weeks, at the beginning of every week, you will tell me a specific task you want to make progress toward. I will carefully read it and think about you. I will nudge you during the week to help you make progress. Nudges may include reminders, encouragements, pat on the back, making you feel guilty, celebrating small wins, and any other emotional support as I see fit when I learn more about you. At the end of each week, you will tell me and yourself if you feel you make good progress. You do not have to finish your task. You just need to make good progress. Try to keep tasks small and specific. Aiming too high only demotivates you. I want to improve user engagement for my iOS app is not specific. I want to add an onboarding screen to my iOS app to increase user engagement is still not specific enough. I want to add an onboarding screen to show how the user can use the new Facebook Connect feature to login to my iOS app is specific. Really, be as specific as you can. You will only do the work if you are specific about it.

How long does it take? 4 weeks.

How much does it cost? $0, but I require you to pay a $20 deposit first and then I will refund you the full $20 after 4 weeks. Why? How many times have you gotten free stuff from a conference in a huge bag and then let them collect dust and eventually beg others to take them or throw them away? I believe people don’t value things if it is free. However, I am not delivering you a product, so I shouldn’t take your money. The $20 just gives you motivation to get it back. If you think you make significant progress towards your goals at the end of 4 weeks, you will feel justified to ask me back for the $20. Also, $20 seems to be the most popular dollar bill because that’s what the ATM gives out most often.

Who eats the credit card processing fee? Me. Really? Yes. I want to help you, and I don’t want you to feel I short change you. Also, the extra revenue should be enough to pay for a nice dinner for two, plus some change.

What if you don’t refund me? Public shame me. This post isn’t going anything. If you are worried, save this page or take a screenshot as proof.

How many am I taking? 10. I am going to think in your shoes and provides any support I can give you. And it takes time. I think 10 is a good number to start with. I also need to improve my app business, researching my customers, writing more PDF pitches, and all that stuff.

How do I join? Provide your name, email, and a SPECIFIC task you want to make progress toward in the first week.
Check the box to let me know if you attended the first 30×500 Boot Camp or are going to attend it this week. Nudging works best if you are a self-starter and self-finisher. But you don’t have to take Amy’s class to subscribe. If your task is specific, I am glad to help. Be as specific as possible. Being specific means small, comprehensible, digestible, manageable, realistic, achievable. Think bricks, not wall. These bricks are used to build the wall. After you join The Nudging List, I will send you an email about collecting the $20 deposit and when the nudging begins.

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If you feel I help you tremendously at the end of the month and want to thank me by asking me not to refund your $20, or if you want to support my products, let me know after one month.

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